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2006-02-14 - Release of idiotblocker-1.1-beta-a

The following changes are included in this release:

  • The code has been modularized.
  • Path names are no longer hard coded in logic, but are defined in variables that are modifiable at beginning of
  • Logging has been added.
  • Executation switch's have been added.
    • -b Brute Force detection is to occur.
    • -up Update firewall rules.
    • -d Verbose messgaes for debugging purposes.
    • -m Perform updates to hosts.allow and pf.conf blacklists from ib.master.blacklist without parsing the
  • Initial setup logic has been added.
    • Backups are performed against the following files.
      • hosts.allow
      • pf.conf
    • An entry is added to the very beginning of the hosts.allow file to pull in the ib.hosts.allow.blacklist
    • Entries are added to the pf.conf file to pull in the ib.pf.blacklist
  • Logic to search for brute force attempts has been added.
  • Master black list file logic added, this will update files required by both hosts.allow and pf.conf for blocking
    ips. This also allows for latter modifications for timed purges of the blacklist.
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